Filtering with Where

Narrow your query results by specifying a set of criteria to select on. Where clauses can be used with the SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE query types.

where(array $filters)


$filters: array

A collection of filters to apply to a query. The basic format is column[operator] => operand. The operand can be a string, number or an array containing multiple strings/numbers.

Supported Operators

[=]: Equal

[>]: Greater Than

[<]: Less Than

[<>]: Between

[in]: In

[~]: Like

[null]: Is Null

[!=]: Not Equal

[>=]: Greater Than or Equal to

[<=]: Less Than or Equal to

[><]: Not Between

[!in]: Not In

[!~]: Not Like

[!null]: Is Not Null

Sample Usage

	// Select a user whose email address is [email protected]
	$s = $squibble->select('users', [
		'email_address[=]' => '[email protected]'        
	// collect() return an array of the result sets. This is the
	// same as PDO $query->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)
	$user = $s->collect();
}catch(PDOException $e){
	echo "Error, {$e->getCode()}, {$e->getMessage()}";
}catch(Exception $e){
	echo "Error, {$e->getCode()}, {$e->getMessage()}";